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Get your old, unloved, broken or odd jewellery back into circulation by recycling it with the Rejewell Collective.



Start the process of upcycling by heading to the Rejewel website to familiarise yourself with the T's & C's and then complete the Upcycle Request form on the Upcycle page. 

If you are in Australia, once you have completed the Upcycle Request form,  you will receive instructions to send your unwanted jewellery to Sage Feather. If outside of Australia, you will be directed to the Rejewel Collective member closest to you. 

The pieces you send in for upcycling will get deconstructed and cleaned to become new materials for future designs.

Once your jewellery has been received for upcycling, you will be sent a gift voucher to use in the Sage Feather shop, or on the website of the collective member you upcycled with.

The Upcycle Request form also offers the alternative for you to donate your old jewellery without receiving a gift voucher. 

Hit the Rejewel buttom below to find out more, meet the collective members and maybe arrange an upcycle transaction.