Katie McLean


Hello, and thanks for arriving here to connect with me. 


I am a Sensitive who lives my day-to-day life intuitively. I am constantly aware of my connection to the innate, and its expressions guide me in all I do. 


Living consciously is my focus, and I share that with you through the energy of my creations and my services.  To underpin my abstract abilities, I completed a Holistic Counselling Diploma in 2009 with subsequent courses in Numerology, Seichim Reiki, Tarot, and various other alternative healing modalities. 

I am an introverted extrovert; whilst I easily engage socially, I require marginal solitude to balance my energy. When I am not in sessions with clients or making amulets, I am usually invested in singular activities. I love cooking, creating natural body-care lotions and potions, reading, being outdoors, hunting for little treasures, and embarking on adventures.  

Antique, retro, vintage, quirky, and eccentric items are my thing.  I surround myself with treasures, each with its unique story to tell and energetic footprint. These loves are the vital essences to play out in the Amulets I create. My pieces are predominantly created from pre-loved materials, and that's where being the Australian designer for the Rejewel Collective fits into the Sage Feather picture. Rejewel is a collaborative effort of international makers who are focused on waste reduction particularly and not isolated to the world of fashion.


One of my biggest creative motivations is the magical process of deconstructing pieces and watching them take on a  new vibration.  I love the process of my vision and my hands invoking energy and purpose into broken, forgotten, or unloved items and then providing a platform for them to find the heart in a new home. You can find out more about how to help Sage Feather and Rejewel Collective effectively reduce fast fashion waste here.


I create beauty around me as a reflection of the sovereignty within for the collective consciousness. The All is Mental; what we mentally focus on expands, so join me in making it beautiful! 


If you have questions or suggestions, you can use the "Let's Chat" icon, I would love to hear from you!

All things Heart, Katie. 

Sage Feather Katie McLean Amulets
Sage Feather hunting for treasure.
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