Katie McLean


Hello, and thanks for arriving here to connect with my journey.


I am a Sensitive who lives my day-to-day life intuitively. I am constantly aware of my connection to the innate, and its expressions guide me in all I do. It hasn't always been that way, although I was born highly sensitive, I spent a lot of years not understanding my connection to the innate, fearing and suppressing it. 2008 flipped me and asked me to unpack myself, and so I did.

Life as I knew it, as a married woman with two beautiful little sons, fell down in a matter of moments, which like dominoes in their perpetual motion continued to unveil more upheaval of life as I knew it. In a blind act of self-love, I took my little boy's hands in mine and walked away from everything that sought to control me, manipulate me, and which did not honor me, and through me; my sons. We left our home and everything in it, we were bare but we were free. Within freedom, I learned to trust my sensitivities and allow my connection to the innate to be the compass to my true north. 


I am, we are, no different to anyone, "tower" moments happen to us all in one way or another. As my beloved Anma used to say "each has a cross to bear, one man's cross may seem insignificant to the next man, but nevertheless, it is his cross to bear and a challenge it is." Crumbling towers are the bittersweet moments of life in that they are our opportunity to grow.  


It's always darkest before dawn, and in the dark times amidst all the upheaval, a very special friend, my Stepmother, taught me the basics of beading, it changed my life, gave me a new focus, and taught me the healing power of creative expression. I am forever grateful for her influence in my life.  This piece pictured here is the 2nd or 3rd piece I ever made. 

It tells the tale of where I was in those bare moments; peace signs because I craved inner peace. The skulls of what was passing. Pearls expressed my longing to feel beautiful. Hearts were asking for unconditional love. The vintage cross was a reminder to regain trust and faith. At the time I did not name this piece. I did not know who "she" was. I did not know what all of the little pieces within the piece symbolised then. All I knew was she had to find the Divine Feminine within. 

A decade passed, and I was able to read her, and I named her Katie. I am grateful for all my life cycles; the beautiful people, places, scenes, and events that have taught me about SELF; self-reliance, self-belief, and self-love. I have more to discover and within that process, I AM all that I AM in any given moment and I believe that it is enough. Each day I strive to replace fear with love and I place myself with trust in service to life with its offer of eternal growth. 

I extend much love to you on your journey. Here's to the adventures of perpetual new cycles we step into. My wish is for you to unveil your innate courage to celebrate yourself, just as you are right now, to walk your truth, whatever it is in any given moment. 

My love, Katie.