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Katie McLean

Katie McLean

Creatrix at Sage Feather

I find so much joy in opening up the pathway to my client's highest potential. My intuitive guidance, energy healing practices, workshops, and amulet jewellery creations, come from soul-level unconditional love. Take a deeper look at the services, products, and testimonials outlined below, and start connecting with your heart and co-creating with Light today. Join me.

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"Katie, honestly thank you so much. What a woman you are. What an amazing gift. I have left feeling so happy and vibrating high. A feeling of confidence and excitement that I finally know my calling."

Sage Feather Reading


Find Clarity and Direction

In these sessions, Katie holds an honest and compassionate space for you to re-ignite your soul spark, find clarity, inspiration, and healing. Katie's readings are a Divination process of Spiritualism first and foremost. Tarot and Oracle cards along with Numerology are complimentary and in synchronicity with Katie's sensitive awareness.


In-person Glenroy, Melbourne.

On-line Zoom, Skype, Phone, or WhatsApp. 

60 Minutes - 90 Minutes


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Return to Balance

Energy Healing Sessions offered by Katie are individualised for you. Intention and hands-on energy transference are the basis of the healing. Katie will involve a mix of crystals, the elements, activation sprays and cards, sound healing, guided meditation, visualisation and affirmations in accordance with what each individual's energy requires on the day.


In-person Glenroy, Melbourne.

60 - 90 Minutes


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Flame Sarahmony

Violet Flame Healing Activation with The Sage Souls (Sage Feather & Souls Truth Healing)

Sarah's empowering violet light energy weaves the warrior back through the wounded woman, restoring the Divine Feminine essence. Cocooned in violet, you will experience a 20-minute activation including crystal, sound, and hands-on healing. 

Optional purchases of Violet Flame Wand, Mist, and Roll-On, all attuned to Sarah's energy are available on the day of your Sarahmony.

In-person Souls Truth Healing, Westmeadows, Melbourne.

45 Minutes 



Private Guided Meditation Sessions

Guided meditation is a training tool with the highest ambition of living life in meditative flow, being able to achieve a constant and active presence in each now moment. In a progressive form, guided meditation enables clarity, release, and peace. Katie's guided meditations use a mix of;

  • Visualisations

  • Affirmations

  • Breathing techniques

  • Guided journeys

In-person Glenroy, Melbourne.

40 Minutes $50

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Sage Feather Learn to Read Oracle Cards

Card Sage

Learn to read oracle cards for yourself

Grab your tribe together and host a Card Sage event. As a host, you will receive a coupon to book in for a free Reading with Katie valued at $150. Use your coupon for a bit of self-love or gift it to someone you love who might need some guidance.  

Together we will uncover the following

  • Infusing a deck with your energy & pulling cards

  • Scrying to tap into your intuition

  • Infusing your readings with basic numerology & chakra colour interpretation

  • Simple card spreads & how to build a personal message from them

  • Using cards for Moon cycle rituals

  • Oracle card journaling rituals

In-person your Melbourne premises 

  • Priced within set km range

  • Travel can be quoted

  • Card decks supplied

  • Card decks available for purchase

Participants: Min 5 & Max 8

$70 per person for 2.5 hrs

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Sage Feather Numerology

Numerology 4 You

Meet the numbers that will introduce you to you.

A one-on-one or group online tutorial learning how to decode your birth name and birth date to discover your Destiny, Expression, Life Path, and Soul Urge numbers and learn about their energy.

Online via Zoom

90 Minutes


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Sage Feather Amulet Jewellery


Invoked, Alchemised, Upcycled, Unique and Handmade.

Handmade and one-of-a-kind amulets are made predominantly from pre-loved and upcycled elements. Each piece is made by Katie, is Divinely guided and comes with its own unique energy and message.Currently shipping only within Australia. 

Katie is the Australian Designer for The Rejewel Collective, an international collaboration of makers with a focus of waste reduction. Check out the Rejewel Collective to see how you can donate your unloved costume jewellery and receive discounts from new creations made by the designers in the Collective.

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A Good Word

Lovely Penny with her amulet; Ka La from the Magdalene Collection

"This exquisite piece of jewellery art was channeled by the incredible #sagefeatheramulets the beautiful energy it radiates brings me so much joy when I wear it. Feeling very blessed."

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Sage Feathers Nest

Creatrix at Sage Feather

Last Sunday of each month.

Glenroy, Melbourne, Australia

2pm - 4pm 


Our Circle is an intimate Divine Feminine Circle weaving magick with the Divine Sisterhood energies. We join in a circle to connect with one another to give and receive. In sharing, we create balance and embody unity.

  • Receive an intuitive message

  • Guided meditation

  • Group Sharing

  • Alignment Ritual

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The Sage Souls

The collision of Sage Feather &

Souls Truth Healing.

A co-creation of Sage Feather and Souls Truth Healing, two holistic wellness businesses offering mobile circles, workshops, activations, Aromatherapy Mists, and more. Investigate The Sage Souls and discover what's on offer next.

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