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The basis of your life is freedom, the purpose of your life is joy. ABRAHAM HICKS

Katie McLean

Creatrix at Sage Feather

I find so much joy in opening up the pathway to my client's highest potential. My intuitive guidance, energy healing practices, amulet jewellery creations, and Apothauric Mists come from soul level unconditional love. Take a deeper look at the services, products, and testimonials outlined below, and start connecting with your heart and co-creating with the Universe today. Love, Katie.

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Energy Healing Sessions and Packages

Everybody holds the key to their own healing, but sometimes we need guidance and facilitation. That’s where my healing modalities offer to help you. I use various methods to find your centre, release, align and keep your body and spirit in balance. 

Click the button below to find out more about the various healing sessions I have created to help you heal you.

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Spiritualism, Intuitive & Holistic Counselling

As a Holistic Counsellor and Intuitive Empath, I live my soul's purpose in sharing my skills and natural gifts with all of my clients. My greatest personal focus is my own soul's ascension and within that process, I endeavour to have an impact on other human beings to awake their own life goals and aspirations. I offer a variety of intuitive and medium services to get my clients to see their own potential and help them to heal. You can find out more about the various readings below. 

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Moon Circles for Interactive Healing

Our "Magdalene Moon Sage Circles" are a monthly gathering of Divine Feminines for Divine Feminines. Katie holds a sacred space for interactive healing under the Full Moons energy.


We cast full moon release spells, learn about the current astrological influences, receive intuitive guidance, journal, meditate and heal. If this appeals to your witchy side or you would like affordable, ongoing support for progressive healing and guidance, then click the button below. 

Latest Amulet

"The Chariot"  Tarot Collection

I am excited to introduce the first amulet in my Tarot Collection, with only 21 Major Arcana waiting for me to unfold in Divine timing.

The Chariot is the seventh Major Arcana of Tarot and holds the energy of strength, commitment, and willpower. When The Chariot is in balance it is the successor.

This piece has Tigers Eye for courage and Clear Quartz for clarity.



Recycling service for costume jewellery

Katie is the Australian Designer for Rejewel Collective, a collaborative effort of International makers focused on waste reduction.  

You can choose to donate or receive a discount coupon from your next jewellery purchase in exchange for your unwanted items.

The Sage Souls

The Collision of  Sage Feather & Souls Truth Healing.

A co-creation of two high vibrational holistic wellness businesses offering workshops, activations, rituals, and more.


Investigate The Sage Souls and discover what's on offer next.... 

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Sage Feathers brand "Apothauric Mists"

Vibrational sprays alchemised with crystal, aromatherapy and moon cycle vibrational essences.

I am creating these magickal potions for use as daily vibrational maintenance as well as moon phase ritual tools, I can't wait to pop them in the shop for you.  


Katie, honestly thank you so much. What a woman you are. What an amazing gift. I have left feeling so happy and vibrating high. A feeling of confidence and excitement that I finally know my calling.


Hi Katie, I would just like to tell you and this is no bs, the reading you gave me today was the best I've ever had. Over the years I've had alot of readings but I've always walked away feeling disappointed, but today you changed that for me. I'll definitely be recommending you to everyone. Many thanx from your newest fan!!!


Katie McLean thank you for this wonderful experience, I wasn't sure what to expect after our Reiki session but I feel this sense of calmness - and present. I feel really present and grounded, and...lighter. Thank you. The experience was wonderful, you are wonderful and being new to Reiki, thank you for the way you explained and walked through everything. Just amazing.


I have just added my fourth Sage Feather piece to my collection. Katie is by far my favourite jewellery designer! Each piece of jewellery is unique and made with love. I wear my pieces for special occasions and I have two power pieces that make a real statement and are very empowering. Thank you, Katie, for sharing a small piece of your heart in every one of your phenomenal designs.


I am loving these sessions (Magdalene Moon Sage Circles), so much we discussed and explored during the session is unfolding and I'm not backing away (it hasn't been easy but I feel like I'm finally breaking through barriers that I've been too scared to break down and confront). Katie McLean thank you  - this space is making such a positive impact and I love getting together with you ladies.


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